Let’s talk about list cleaning.

We all know email marketing is huge. You’ll see stats in the neighborhood of 4300% average ROI (Direct Marketing Association). Businesses should, and do market heavily via email.

What many don’t do is take the prerequisite steps to ensure the time and effort going into email marketing is used as effectively as possible. They collect or buy a list of prospects, upload it into their favorite (or the cheapest) ESP, and blast away.

The result? At best – high hard bounce rates, which lead to high soft bounce rates. Both of which make it increasingly difficult to reach the inbox, let alone the attention of the buyer. At worst – you’ll hit spam traps, moles and other malicious email aliases that are specifically designed to catch and punish irresponsible senders, and blacklist the IPs they send from.

It’s the unfortunate side effect that comes along with your email provider protecting your inbox.

And this is where list cleaning comes in. The two key forms of list cleaning are data validation and data hygiene. Validation helps to remove the invalid email addresses, and hygiene removes the malicious ones.

The benefit of avoiding spam traps and blacklisting is fairly self-evident, so let’s focus on validation.

Receiving email servers evaluate a wide variety of criteria when determining whether they will inbox, junk box, black hole, or soft bounce your email. Engagement is a major one. If you can remove non-existent records before you send to them, your engagement rates are guaranteed to be higher. The servers will also trust your domain far more the next time they see your emails come across the digital desk, as you’re mailing to people who actually exist (digitally).

The result? Your call to action is seen by a higher number of people, and all the money your business paid the marketing department to come up with it becomes a much better buy.

If you’re looking to make the most of your email marketing efforts, list cleaning a great place to start.

Want to learn more about other aspects of email deliverability? Check out this great Whitepaper by Act-On Software’s Deliverability team:


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